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Expert Computer & Network Support Services in Medina, Ohio

Our Fully Managed IT solutions provide you the tools, support, and expertise needed to focus on your mission.

The Company

Taylor IT Group was formed in 2009 by Steve Taylor. After years in the IT field, Steve recognized a pattern in companies without dedicated support services. When a system crashed or something broke, a high-priced tech would come fix it. This would leave the company with a sky-high bill and no idea how to prevent the problem from happening again. Recognizing the need for an alternative to these expensive emergency services, Steve founded Taylor IT Group, basing his business model on comprehensive, proactive IT support at a flat-rate monthly fee.

Why Work With Us

Here’s how you’ll benefit from working with Taylor IT Group and our business solutions.

  • Never be without IT support again – We’re here for you day and night.
  • Save money on products – We only select the very best in software and hardware.
  • Maximize efficiency on the road – We offer both on site and remote support.
  • Benefit from proactive IT solutions – We manage problems before they affect your business.

About Steve Taylor

Steve has been in IT for nearly two decades and has been around for a lot of major changes with the industry. Steve has seen 5 main versions of the Windows operating system, backups move from tape to disk then the cloud, tech support being done remotely with screen sharing software to software that helps IT companies prevent issues and automate processes, and so much more.

Steve now offers training and consulting services to other IT companies, educating them on how to use their tools more effectively, running tighter operations and resolving issues for their clients quicker and raising customer satisfaction levels.


Fully Managed IT

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is exactly what it sounds like–we keep your business up and running for you, eliminating 99.99% of downtime. We won’t bore you with the technical details of our image-based backups and multiple layers of threat protection. Just know everything is safe and even if a disaster strikes we’ve got you covered.


Reduce unexpected IT expenses with our all-inclusive solution. Thousands of dollars of software is included with all Business Continuity agreements. We’ll help you plan for the next 3-5 years of expenses based on your business today as well as projected growth. All the software and subscriptions are included.

Frustration-Free Services

We’ll gladly be your single point-of-contact for all things technology. Whether it’s a special business application or the copiers you get from a local provider, we can help manage these relationships. Nearly all of our proactive services happen when you’re gone, so you won’t get pestered by computers rebooting in the middle of the day.

Web Services

Website Design

You deserve a website that looks great, won’t need replaced in 3-5 years, and doesn’t break the bank. That’s why we use WordPress as our content management solution (CMS) along with Divi, one of the most sold themes for WordPress, to make it easy for you. After we build your site we can even teach you how to make changes to it yourself!

Website Hosting

Our website hosting is one of the most comprehensive solutions available. We include the Imunify360 security platform to protect your site, daily backups, 5 layers of caching, Softaculous installer, and so much more! We also promise to never have more than 350 websites on a single server—a small percent of the number of websites on large hosting provider servers.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is such an awesomely powerful CMS, but with power comes responsibility. There are frequent updates for themes, plugins, and the WordPress Core which need kept up or else your site is susceptible to being hacked. That’s why we offer a completely managed solution! You can take a hands-off approach to your website maintenance and focus on something that makes your company money.

Let’s Get Started

Easy to Work With

We want it to be easy for you to work with us. So easy that we want our service to speak for itself. You’ll be able to reach us by phone or email to create a service request. We’ll reach out to you once a quarter for a business review to discuss how we think your technology is running, how you think your technology is running, and to make any necessary improvements.

Month-to-Month Agreements

Remember when we said it’s easy to work with us? Here’s how easy: if we aren’t able to make you happy, you can leave at any time. That’s what we mean by service that speaks for itself. All of our services are available with month-to-month agreements, unlike other IT companies that lock you in for multiple years.

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